BOISE - As St. Luke's begins the expansion of its downtown campus, crews this week are taking on a big project - relocating the state's largest giant sequoia.

The 100-foot tall tree is located near the corner of Jefferson Street and Avenue B, right in the heart of St. Luke's big expansion project.

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Instead of chopping the century-old tree down, the hospital decided to relocate it and offer it as a gift to the city and its residents.

According to St. Luke's, the the work to uproot the historic sequoia will take months to complete. Crews are preparing the tree this week by pruning its roots and installing a barrier to prevent further growth. In the spring, it will be removed from the ground and transported to its new location at Fort Boise Park.

St. Luke's says they have hired the top large tree mover in the country to take on the project, which will cost about $300,000.

You can follow the tree's progress on social media by using the hashtag #BoiseSequoia.

Here are some statistics on the tree, provided by St. Luke's:

  • Height: 98 feet tall (The new tip is 15 feet and grew 4 inches this year)
  • Circumference: 20 feet, 6 inches
  • Diameter at four feet up: 77 inches
  • Planted: Around 1912
  • Cost to move / donation value to City of Boise: approximately $300,000