Hundreds are expected to gather in Star Saturday for the grand opening of a new skate park.

For 10 years former City Councilman Tom Erlebach has been trying to get a skate park built in Star; that dream has now become a reality.

It was a dream that started out with his son.

“My son Lucas is 24 years old now, is a professional skateboarder, and I've been following him around since he was 9 years old,” said Erlebach.

But, while growing up in Star, Lucas had nowhere to skate. So his father set out to change that.

“The community of Star needed a place where the kids can go to have a place to get out and spend some energy,” said Erlebach. “We have no swimming pools or bowling alleys, or anything of that nature so."

So with the help from the city of Star's $400,000 donation, Tom set out, knocking on doors to find the remaining $200,000.

“It was basically going out and asking anybody I came across to kick-in and help us,” said Erlebach.

The new 16,000 square foot skate park was designed by Grindeline Skatepark Inc. out of Seattle, and took just a little under a year to build.

After a decade of hard work, Tom's favorite part is this..

"It's emotional for me. It's good to see the kids using it,” he said. “I come by here all the time and see 30 to 40 using the facility."

The city of Star plans to hold a grand opening for their new skate park Saturday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.