FAIRFIELD - Heavy winter snow and the resulting spring runoff caused such severe damage to some mountain roads, it could be years before they are reopened.

Idaho Fish & Game officials said one road - in the Sawtooth National Forest - could be closed for three years or longer.

The heavily damaged road is an unpaved eight-mile stretch northwest of Fairfield along the South Fork of the Boise River between Bounds (Bowns) Campground and Baumgartner Campground.

Photos taken by Fish & Game conservation educator Kelton Hatch shows a large section of the road near Bounds Creek Campground completely washed out by the river.

Officials advised sportsman that some roads throughout Idaho's mountains will remain closed through hunting season because of damage. Anyone looking to head into the mountains is urged to check with the local Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management offices to get updated information on campground closures, road conditions and fire danger.