Some big excitement for a small Idaho town.

It may be a dirt lot right now, but in less than a week it’s going to be the site of a brand new playground for kids in Midvale to play on.

Community members say the effort it has taken to get the project going really speaks to the community’s heart.

"If you had asked me five years ago if we could have raised $25,000 I would have said not possible," said Kayln Hochstrat, Midvale's Community Partners.

With local dollars and local volunteers, buying and building a brand-new, heavy-duty playground, right in the middle of Midvale was possible.

Until now, the entire town’s youth was stuck with a donated, rundown backyard play structure.

Last April, community leaders decided it was time for something bigger and better.

An auction-style fundraiser was held at the local mercantile.

"This really took on a life of its own and one thing led to another and everyone in our community has contributed to this in one form or another," said Hochstrat.

Local renowned knife-maker Dwight Towell’s contribution was a custom-made piece that went for $1,300.

"It’s a great community when it comes to raising money for something like this or someone has a sickness, this community really pitches in to help people," said Towell.

Volunteers pitched in for the labor too, digging holes to mount the playground equipment.

And as a way to thank them…

"Shout out to all the Midvale ladies that made food for the volunteers this weekend they feel very well taken care of this weekend and appreciate it," said Hochstrat.

"If anything is going to happen it’s going to be us doing it, and quite frankly we wouldn’t want someone else to come in and do it, we want to do it our way, there’s a little bit of pull yourself up by your own bootstraps ethic here," added Kevin Hooper, Midvale Community Partners.

"I think it’s a really good thing, everyone gets to play on it, it’s kind of a town thing," said 11-year-old Tommy Miller.

A place for Midvale kids to play, and something the entire town can be proud of.

"There is nobody wealthy here in our area but we share wealth, but I never would have imagined that kind of money coming from one event here, I was really shocked," said Hooper.

If everything goes as planned, this playground will be ready for kids to play on by the end of next week.