Ada and Canyon counties will be receiving some financial relief after the historic flooding this past spring. President Trump ordered federal assistance to support state, tribal and local recovery efforts in areas affected by the flooding. One area that saw significant damage, the Boise River Greenbelt. Some sections are still closed.

“We were quite surprised there wasn't a significant amount more of damage along the Greenbelt,” Boise Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway said.

The two areas that saw the most damage: a section near Veterans Memorial Park, where the water actually ate away at the asphalt, and a section near the Parkcenter Bridge.

Four months after the flood waters have subsided, the sections remain closed. It’s caused somewhat of an inconvenience for cyclist Brandon Lay.

“In order to get to where I want to go this direction, I have to hit the street and ride on State Street," Lay said. "I don't want to do that because I take a chance of getting hit by a car. So it's very much of an inconvenience for this to be blocked off and not fixed.”

Holloway says they’ve identified what needs to be fixed at both locations and hope to start construction in November.

“The funding is in place to be able to move forward with that,” Holloway said.

Holloway added the Greenbelt is the department’s number one priority and have actually moved some projects back in order to have the money to fix the Greenbelt, but have had to wait for the water to go down to assess the damage.

“At both locations there was significant damage below the pathway and we really couldn't' assess what all that damage was until the water continued to go down," Holloway said. "Once we get the winter levels, which we're now into, now we can see what the damage is and we know what exactly needs to occur.”

As for when the two damaged sections may reopen, it all depends on Mother Nature.

“So essentially if we have a good winter then we might have it open in early spring, if we don't, then it might be mid to later spring,” Holloway said.