If you have ever wanted to try fishing but haven't wanted to buy a license, Saturday is your chance. The Idaho Fish and Game's Free Fishing Day is on June 10.

Free Fishing Day means that anyone can go fishing at any open public waters in Idaho with no license required.

At some locations, including at Kleiner Park in Meridian, you don't even need to bring your own supplies. Idaho Fish and Game employees and volunteers will be standing by to loan gear and show you how to make a catch.

Trout will be stocked in some locations to increase your chances of a successful fishing trip. Click here to find out where fish trucks have recently dropped off fish.

Although fishing license requirements are not in effect for the day, all other rules still apply.

If you decide to fish other days of the year, you can buy a fishing license online.

Another Freed Fishing Day event - not hosted by Idaho Fish and Game - will be at Gotts Point at Lake Lowell.