Authorities are looking for a thief after a brazen crime.

A Boise man says his parent's RV was stolen right out of his driveway.

Thomas Korton's parents moved to Texas just last week and left their trailer at Korton's house and hired a realtor to sell it.

The camper had only been on Korton's house for a week before it was stolen off his property.

"My parents bought it two years ago and they have gone camping like twice," says Korton.

Korton says the trailer was practically brand new and had some unusual markings.

"On the side of the door it does have some nice LED lights that go across that my dad put on, that is unusual for a trailer, very rare," says Korton.

Korton didn't notice the rig was gone until Friday morning.

He and his roommate determined it must have been stolen between 9 p.m. and midnight on Thursday and believe the whole ordeal took just minutes.

"I could tell by the skid marks in the driveway someone backed up in a truck, dropped the hitch on it and pulled out. They didn't pull the chalk out, because the chalks that were holding it in place just slid across the driveway, it was a pretty quick job," says Korton.

The RV was listed on Craigslist for $6,000.

Because the address on the post was Korton's parent's former Meridian home, and not his, he believes the Craigslist ad may not have contributed to the theft.

"My thought is, it was taken on a Thursday, some kids thought it would be a great idea to go camping, needed a camper, went up to Grimes Creek or took it up somewhere and I bet they are camping right now not even knowing what is going on, not thinking that they would get caught," says Korton.

Korton's boat was parked right next to the trailer and could have been stolen just as easy.
He filed a police report Friday morning and shared photos of the stolen trailer on Facebook, hoping the camper will be found.

"I just hope they find that trailer, I mean it’s horrible to work and spend your money on certain things then somebody wants it for free and thinks they are entitled," says Korton.