Today in downtown Boise local leaders are celebrating the completion of City Center Plaza.

The development is on the east side of the Grove Plaza.

It includes the Boise Centre expansion, the Main Street Station, and the nine-story Clearwater Building -- which is home to Clearwater Analytics, Boise State University's computer science department, restaurants, and a coffee shop.

The Gardner Company developed City Center Plaza and held a block party on The Grove after this afternoon's ribbon cutting.

"This is what every developer would like to have is a community project that benefits the community and helps build the community,” said Gardener Company Chairman Kem C. Gardner, “And I can't think of anything better than what was accomplished here with the university, and with Clearwater and with convention space and with the intermodal hub. Just imagine what's been accomplished by this project and by what the good people of Boise have let us do."

Main Street Station, underneath the Clearwater Building, is the new downtown hub for Valley Regional Transit. That officially opens on Monday.