BOISE -- Planning and Zoning commissioners voted Monday night to deny a conditional use permit for a drive-through window on a contentious CVS pharmacy planned for State Street.

CVS can appeal the decision, and it's unclear how the denial will affect the project as a whole.

More than 60 Boise residents showed up to testify in front of the Planning and Zoning Commission at Monday night's public hearing. MAny of them spoke out against the proposed pharmacy - which would be built between 16th and 17th streets - arguing that it would increase traffic and displace residents in nearby low-income housing.

Residents gathered at the iconic Arcade Building, which would be demolished if the CVS proposal is approved, and walked to City Hall in protest.

The Arcade Building is home to 23 affordable housing units. Residents say it is vital to keep those units available due to Boise's affordable housing shortage.

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Residents also questioned the need for another pharmacy in the area and how it could affect traffic.

A CVS spokesperson said they have tried to come up with the best option for the neighborhood and for the business as well.

One of those options would be preserving the mature trees along Jefferson Street and relocating the homes and businesses on Jefferson instead of demolishing them.

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According to City of Boise spokesperson Mike Journee, land issues are often a challenge in established neighborhoods.

"If a proposal comes forward, if a property owner has a piece of property that has met all the requirements , all the zoning and entitlement process that they need to go through in order to do something, then legally, we're bound to do it."

According to city officials, the only reason a hearing was called was because CVS has requested a conditional use permit for a drive-thru window.

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If the building did not have a drive-thru window, a public hearing would not be required.

CVS officials have not yet indicated whether they will appeal the decision.