Wednesday afternoon, Riviera Estates mobile home park residents were watching from their front doors and others were wading through knee-high water.

"It started last night after all the rain and then overnight the water increased several inches and it's just been really bad all day," said resident Natalie Christensen. "I'm overwhelmed honestly, I don't know what to say."

Dan Gilbert's parents were planning to move out of their house in the neighborhood. What they weren't planning on was all of the water.

"Now we've got riverfront property as of this morning," said Gilbert. "Fortunately they're at the highest place of anyone so actually they're the driest at Riviera Estates."

That's not the case for others in the area, their homes are completely surrounded by water.

"I'm just in complete shock," Christensen. "I've never seen anything like this. I've lived here all my life."

Christensen says she and her family are heading to a hotel while they wait out Mother Nature.

"We hope we'll be home soon, we don't want to be stranded too long," Christensen said. "I hope Mother Nature gets over this pretty soon."

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All day Wednesday, engineers were at the neighborhood looking at ground water and irrigation systems nearby.

"There's a couple things going on here," said Chief Patrick Calley with the Eagle Police Department. "You know we are in a floodplain and there are homes in floodplains and this is always the risk. While this storm brought water that normally wouldn't have done this that ground water prevented that saturation into the ground."

As of Wednesday night, mandatory evacuations weren't yet in effect for the park, Ada County dispatch said. However, they said power to the homes was being shut off.