Dozens of large fires continue to burn in the West, and the biggest is in southern Utah. The Brian Head Fire has burned more than 58,000 acres.

Some 1,100 firefighters are trying to control and extinguish the flames.The Boise Bureau of Land Management has sent eight personnel with two engines.

"Resources are constantly being shifted in the background," explained Jared Jablonski of the Boise BLM.

Although Idaho has fires burning as well, federally funded BLM crews are sent where they're need the most. In Iron County, Utah, hundreds have been evacuated and at least 12 homes have been destroyed.

Officials say a weed-burning torch started the massive wildfire on June 17, 2017. One 911 call obtained by the Salt Lake Tribune is chilling.

"I think a Brian Head officer needs to go to the cabin immediately and talk to this landowner before he burns down Brian Head," said the man calling dispatch.

Fire officials urge everyone to be careful with fire, especially when it's hot and dry.

"Human caused fires are all preventable," said Brian Cottman, with Forestry and State Lands.

Firefighters have been able to secure Brian Head and the Dry Lakes area. Friday morning the evacuation will be lifted, which means if you're planning to head there this holiday weekend it will be open. However, Brian Head can only be accessed from Utah State Route 148.