SISTERS, Ore. – An Oregon cat who held the title of “World’s Oldest Cat” in the Guinness Book of World Records is missing and presumed dead.

Ashley Reed Okura, the owner of 27-year-old Corduroy, said in an Instagram post that her cat left home on Oct. 9 and did not return.

Sunday October 9th at 10 pm: Corduroy literally ran outside when we opened the door as we arrived home. We have not seen him since. It is with a heavy heart I make this post, announcing that Corduroy has most likely crossed the rainbow bridge. We miss him terribly and I hold out hope he will return...Logically, Corduroy won't come home. I appreciate all the support and love Corduroy has received--he was an exceptional sir. I am grateful we had an unbelievable, special, 27 years together. #oldestlivingcat #sircorduroy #throwbackthursday #meow #love #27andpouncing #stopdeclawing #thankful #morethan9lives 🌈

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Okura said Corduroy lived so long because he was active, wasn’t de-clawed and could fend for himself in the wild.

Corduroy, who lives in Sisters, was stripped of his title earlier this year when the the Guinness Book of World Records said a 30-year-old Siamese from Texas named Scooter was the world’s oldest, but that title was short-lived. Guinness later found out Scooter was dead.

Corduroy was given back his rightful title in May.