Flooding from the Skagit River is causing problems for neighbors right now, including some animals who were left standing in several feet.

Volunteers with the Washington State Animal Response Team responded Thursday and Friday to a home near Mount Vernon where the 11 horses were stranded. Their owner refused to leave without her horses.

“Our whole life is the horses, basically. It's all my mom does,” Tabitha Bolanos explained.

Bolanos watched and worried as volunteers shuttled back and forth in boats and used drones.

“I'm an only child of my mom and those horses are my brothers and sisters. They're our whole life.”

Bolanos said her mom has been rescuing horses for years. They started moving some of their animals when the flood waters were rising but were not able to get all of them to another location before the road washed out.

“I'm worried for my mom, but I know she loves those animals as much as she loves me,” she said.

Rescuers were able to get the horses to higher ground and get them food. When the waters are low enough, Bolanos hopes to help her mom walk the horses out and find a new place to live.

Her mother remained in the home. While she has electricity, she has no heat. Still, they are grateful for the volunteers and friends who jumped in to help.

"So grateful, it was amazing. I truly didn't know there was still kind people out in this world," she explained, wiping away tears.