One of the most popular spots in Boise to soak up some sun or go for a dip this summer is Quinn's Pond.

Boise Parks and Recreation is looking to bring more recreational opportunities to the lake's south side and wants to hear any ideas you may have!

Boise Parks and Recreation is hosting an open house tonight at Whittier Elementary School that starts at 6 p.m.

“It’s a full range of opportunities that we believe we could do on this side of the pond, for example creating another beachfront like the opposite side of the pond,” said Boise Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway.

The beachfront has proven to be a popular feature at Quinn's north end.

And with seven to eight acres to work with on the south side, there's room for a beach and more.

“You could put in some type of a play structure for kids that would also be a great option,” said Holloway.

Parks and Recreation will present three rough sketches of what the space could be.

The drawings include a volleyball court, picnic area, a grassy lawn and more.

One element missing from the busy north side is food.

Holloway says the city put out a bid last year for food vendors but surprisingly there wasn’t any interest.

He says the department will float the idea out again for the opposite side of the lake.

“We recognize that our users do have needs while they are here as well, and a vendor certainly could seem to me to have quite a good business if they chose to operate here,” said Holloway.

Holloway says Parks and Recreation does want to keep some trees on the south side that already exist.

“It’s great to have instant shade when you look at the north side what we had to do over there, the trees are very small, they are infant, they were just planted this last year, so any trees that we can save and incorporate into master plan would be great,” said Holloway.

The city is working with a half-a-million dollar budget for this development, so while all ideas are welcome, they will have to fit the bill.

You can also weigh online by clicking here.