KUNA -- The Ada County Prosecutor's Office will not file charges against a woman who was caring for an infant when it was badly bitten by her dog in Kuna last month.

Prosecutor John Dinger said the prosecutor's office reviewed police reports and medical records and conferred with a child abuse expert before making the decision. Ultimately, they "determined there wasn't any criminal intent," he said.

The baby, a four-week-old boy, was attacked Oct. 16 in a home near Linder Road and Sagwon Drive.

The woman watching him told police she had placed the baby in an infant swing in the living room while she made trips between the house and the garage to load possessions into her pickup. She said she checked on the infant between each short trip.

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But while the woman was out of the living room, police say, one of her three dachshunds somehow climbed up into the baby's swing and began to attack him.

The woman came back into the house to find the boy on the ground below the swing, with multiple dog bites. She immediately called 911, and the infant was rushed to the hospital by paramedics.

The woman estimated she found the baby injured about four minutes after she last checked on him. Investigators say the dog - which had no history of aggression - may have reached the baby's swing by climbing up nearby furniture.

Dinger said the dog was removed from the home after the attack, but it's not clear whether it was euthanized.

Police have not released the identity of either the woman or the baby.