ADA COUNTY - A popular section of the Greenbelt and a well-traveled bridge are back open, Ada County officials announced Tuesday.

The Greenbelt on the south side of the Boise River between Garden City and the West Boise Wastewater Treatment facility is back open after being closed since March because of high river flows, pathway damage and flood recovery efforts.

The section includes more than a mile and a half of Greenbelt between the Glenwood Bridge and Eagle Road.

The reopened section also includes the Garden City West Bridge.

“Giving the public access to this section of pathway was extremely important to us,” Ada County Commissioner and Chairman Dave Case said. “It’s definitely not perfect, but we wanted to make sure people could use it as soon as safely possible.”

The section played a key role in flood-fight efforts, and they damaged lengthy sections of the asphalt. So much of the Greenbelt is covered with compacted sand and gravel.

Officials said the goal is to restore the Greenbelt to pre-flood conditions with an asphalt surface in the future.

The Plantation Island pathway is still closed because of the removal of the Plantation Island bridge in April. Officials ask Greenbelt users to respect remaining closures and follow all detours