An important reminder for drivers today; the Boise Police Department joined law enforcement and first responders to talk about Idaho's "move over" law.

It was implemented in 2006 to protect law enforcement and emergency responders.

It requires motorists to either move over a lane or slow down below the speed limit when approaching a stationary police or emergency services vehicle.

Violators could get a $90 citation.

"Officers are very vulnerable when they're on the sides of the roads, and when these cars are coming by them at high speeds it can be fatal for the officers or other emergency responders," said Sgt. Erik Tiner.

According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, in 2016 across the country 15 officers were hit and killed outside their vehicles, a 50 percent increase from 2015.

We urge you to please be mindful of the "move over" law when you're on the roads.