Have you ever wondered who makes the gloves bull riders wear at rodeos like the Snake River Stampede?

Turns out, the majority of the riders you'll see there go to Bill White, a man from Payette who's been making these kinds of gloves for more than four decades.

He makes them in a small shop on a quiet street in Payette.

"They walk in, they look around and I said, 'You guys thought you were coming into a big factory didn't you?' " said White.

Over the last couple of weeks, Bill and his wife have been extremely busy as they prepared for the Snake River Stampede.

"It takes me 2 to 3 minutes to cut that glove, and it'll take 15 minutes to sew it, and another 4 or 5 to finish it in the back," White said.

The end result is a custom glove for each rider. Everything from the color, to the logo, to the finger size is unique.

The Tiffany Glove Company supplies gloves to bull riders from all over the world, from North Dakota to Brazil.

Making gloves for bull riders isn't what White has spent his whole life doing. He started out at the shop in 1958 when he first learned how to cut deer and elkskin gloves. In 1970 the Whites bought the Tiffany Glove Company from its previous owners, and four years later they made their first rodeo glove.

"This young man wanted me to make rodeo gloves and I said, 'Oh I don't know, what is it?' " said White. "That was in 1974 and it's just continued to get bigger."

So big, that people order ahead of rodeos to make sure they'll be ready in time.

"I'm very very fussy about my leather," said White. "And then I want the thing to fit perfect. It's what I turn out that door that makes my business."

Another unique aspect of the Tiffany Glove Company is that they also specialize in making gloves for people with hand deformities. White says everyone should have a glove that fits, and fits perfectly.