Earlier this week Facebook users informed KTVB that there were cameras inside the public restrooms in New Meadows.

We spoke with the city's mayor to find out why the cameras are in place.

It might appear to be an ordinary exit sign in the New Meadows public restroom, but if you take a closer look you will notice a small drilled-out hole with a video camera behind.

Mayor Tony Koberstein says the footage is only reviewed when bathrooms have been vandalized, which he says has been an ongoing problem.

“Over the years we have used the security footage to catch people who have created issues in there,” he said.

There is a total of four cameras.

Two installed outside the restrooms and one in each of the men and women’s facilities.

We were not allowed to show the monitor screen on camera but Koberstein insists they don’t violate any privacy laws.

“They are more focused in the common area and the sinks, and away from the stalls.”

The surveillance has gone unnoticed up until now.

Ten years ago, the New Meadows City Council voted unanimously to put them there.

The bathroom doors are marked with signage but Koberstein agrees the visibility of the cameras is concerning.

“I have to apologize about how the cameras were placed," said Koberstein. "I wasn't aware they were as hidden as they are.”

The New Meadows City Council plans to meet Monday to further discuss concerns surrounding the cameras.