The annual Eagle Fun Days celebration began Friday night and continued all day Saturday in downtown Eagle.

Mayor Stan Ridgeway said that in recent years, the city has really tried to revamp the celebration to bring new attractions, and make it more family-friendly.

Ridgeway said they've done things like hire a parade coordinator for the Wet 'n' Wild Parade, which took place early Saturday afternoon. Also, bringing even more vendors -- 50 vendors lined Main Street on Saturday. A classic car show benefits local youth.

"A lot of youth not only in Eagle, but surrounding Eagle, can't afford summer camps and recreational activities, so the money raised from the car show is basically a donation," Ridgeway said. "You don't have to pay anything to put your car in, or you can give five bucks or ten bucks or whatever, but all of that money goes into a scholarship fund for kids who can't afford camp."

Eagle Fun Days wraps up Saturday night, with a fireworks show scheduled for shortly after 10 p.m.

More information about Eagle Fun Days is available here.