MIDDLETON – Virginia Holbert was in for quite the surprise on her ninetieth birthday.

Family, friends and the community showed up to shower her with love and to celebrate an incredible 90 years, full of life.

"You want to hear about all my aches and pains?!" Virginia asked Maggie O'Mara.

A longtime Boise High School nurse, Virginia says she should have written a book about her experiences.

“Some of these jocks, you know they would say I'll go see the nurse, she will write me an excuse, and I say uh uh!”

Virginia has also knitted for orphanages around the world, even knitting for needy kids in the Treasure Valley.

“I learned how to knit as a kid,” Virginia says.

One room in her home is full of hats, scarves and hats she’s knitted for those less fortunate. Virginia says it’s her way of giving back.

But her fondest memory is meeting and marrying her husband Arch, 52 years ago.

Virginia says the secret to marriage is “commitment, trust and just lots of love!”

“And honesty. Don't lie to each other, that hurts a relationship, any relationship!”

“It's been a happy marriage! We might have a difference of opinion but we talk it out,” Virginia says.

After a heart attack and stroke nearly took her life, Virginia says she cannot bear the thought of a life without Arch.

“I keep saying please lord, I don't want to be without him!”

Arch, a World War II veteran, has talked about going on an Honor Flight, but he just doesn't want to be without his Virginia.

The family is working to get them to Washington D.C. to see the monuments, together.