BOISE - Coleman Ross is in the fight of his very young life. Diagnosed with cancer at just 2 years old, Cole has spent the last six months going through rigorous and intense treatment for neuroblastoma.

Because he's been spending so much time in the hospital, his mom came up with a creative idea to make those long hospital stays easier on him.

"He does remarkably well for someone going through a regimen this intense," said Ally Ross. "But of course he has tough days and days that he is exhausted, tired and throwing up and feels horrible.

"He does a really good job of going inside of himself and somehow finding peace and strength inside so he just kind of shuts down and is quiet and deals with it, gets through it, it's pretty amazing," she added.

Ally started a Facebook page - called Courage for Coleman - to keep family and friends updated on Cole's cancer fight.

"People all over really are able to watch his journey, and it's spread from friends and family to him having followers all over the world," she said.

In the past six months, there have been many long days and weeks in the hospital. Right now they are in Seattle for a round of treatment.

But it's hard to keep a toddler happy in a hospital room.

"I thought of this plan... basically I bought a map of the United States and then put out the request on his Facebook page for everyone to send us a letter or piece of mail from where they live," Alley explained.

The goal was to get mail from all 50 states. The plan not only worked, but the family was overwhelmed by an outpouring of support.

"My original post asking for the mail was shared 600 times, all over the world," Ally said. "The mail just started pouring in."

Cole loved getting piles and piles of mail delivered to his room, and marking the states on his map.

"That was the one thing that would brighten his day, was asking to open the packages or the letters that we got," Ally said. "We got our goal of all 50 states in just two weeks."

That's not all, Cole received mail from other countries as well. This little idea has provided the Ross family with big time support.

"Most of the people we heard from were people we never met, who had just heard Cole's story," Ally said. "It just means so much."

Cole has another six months of intense treatment ahead of him.

The Ross family wants to thank everyone who sent packages, mail, and most of all, love to this little boy who is in the fight of his life.

"It was a bright spot that really kept us going, you know," Ally said. "We felt the love from all over."

If you want to follow Cole's journey over the next six months, or send him a letter or a package - you can do that by visiting his Facebook page here.