Snowmegeddon 2017 continues! Today's fresh dumping of snow meant another snow day for our schools. Snow day 5!

People are worried about their roofs, homes, and businesses. We have more snow than we know what to do with.

But there's a bright spot in all this. People helping people. There are so many storm heroes out there! You've been sharing your stories, photos and videos with us for days on social media.

We wanted to showcase some of those heroes in tonight's 7's HERO! Take a look at what your friends and neighbors are up to. It will make your heart happy!

78-year-old Sharon shovels her neighborhood as soon as she gets off work!

Or how about 89-year-old Grandma Dorothy Washam. She helped this guy dig out!

From the old, to the young. Everyone seems to be helping.

Here's Boy Scout Troop 461 helping the neighborhood.

And look at these three boys - they got the mailman moving again in this snow.

17 year old Guillemo Farias spent two hours shoveling snow for a neighbor.

And teenager Dakota Parker cleared the snow and ice off a neighbor's roof!

These Caldwell heroes in blue are working with everyday heroes to clear the mounds of white stuff.

Neighbors are banding together all over the valley, finding strength in numbers.

In Columbia Village, the people living in this cul de sac help each other get their cars out after each storm.

At Cornerstone subdivision, it's also a team effort.

These neighbors put some muscle in it - pushing out car after car, helping everyone who needed it.

A group of homeowners says this guy is their "snow angel." He just showed up with a snow blower!

And look at this - one city's mayor left city hall to pitch in. Kuna Mayor Joe Stear took matters into his own hands and started clearing snow for the people living in his city.

We can't leave out the people who are keeping us moving. ACHD, ITD, and the National Guard!

Garbage truck 2477 is getting some kudos on social media! He's picking up trash and picking up snow - helping people who are stuck along his route.

Kenny Rambow clears the streets in his neighborhood, for all!

So does Rick Steiger and Chris Walling.

And get this - things got so bad in this neighborhood they had to call in the big dog - this T-Rex! This dino did the digging and provided a lot of laughs too.

He even made a snow angel.

Hey, thank you Treasure Valley! You're all coming together to make this thing - do-able!

And you know what, with such an amazing community - we will get through this.

For that, you are all 7's STORM HEROES.