BOISE - Sandi Scheele and her two grown daughters, Jennifer Bishop and Tiffany Manker, have always been close, but their bond has only deepened in the last two years since breast cancer struck their family.

Jennifer was diagnosed in July 2015 and discovered that her aggressive cancer was caused by the BRCA1 gene mutation, a hereditary mutation.

She urged her mom and sister to get tested to see if they too were at greater risk for breast and many other cancers because of the BRCA1 mutation.

It wasn’t long before Sandi and Tiffany discovered that they tested positive and both decided that the cancer risk justified drastic preventative measures.

Along with Jennifer, who was battling full-blown cancer, they too had bilateral mastectomies and complete hysterectomies.

Both say it was tough, but worth the peace of mind they now have. Now they urge others who have a family history of cancer to get the genetic tests that could save their lives.

Today, Jennifer is cancer free following her surgeries and 16 rounds of chemotherapy.

She and her mom and sister are now advocates for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and hope everyone will race and contribute so that one day a cure will be found and life-altering treatments and prevention won’t be necessary.