Six-year-old Hudson Zednik was flown to St. Luke’s from Baker City, Ore., more than two weeks ago and continues to fight for his life as doctors try and figure out what is wrong with him.

“He was a very active kid before any of this happened,” says his dad, Frank Zednik.

Hudson is in kindergarten and enjoys playing baseball and soccer.

Hudson's father says his son has always been healthy until coming down with what seemed an ordinary cold.

On October 1, things suddenly got worse.

"He started throwing up, went to the ER and found out he had a double ear infection,” says Frank.

Hudson was released but rushed back to the hospital after he stopped breathing. His mom, Shakira, performed CPR.

“My wife was beside herself," Frank said.

Hudson was taken via air ambulance to St. Luke’s, where he was put on a ventilator.

Doctors say he suffered a very rare reaction from an unknown virus or infection and is believed to have Acute Flaccid Myelitis, a neurological illness that can affect the spinal cord.

“It decreases his ability to actually move and breathe,” says Dr. Derrick Dauplaise of St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital.

Hudson showed little improvement for the first five days but can now partially move, smile and talk.

“His favorite thing to say to us is, 'I’m so happy I can talk again,'" Frank said.

Hudson’s labs are being sent to the CDC for further evaluation.

Doctors are focusing on letting Hudson's body heal but aren’t sure if he will make a full recovery.

“It is hard to say exactly how he will do long-term, but right now we see progress in him and that is a very hopeful place to be,” Dauplaise said.

“We’re not looking backward, we're looking forward,” Frank said.

Meanwhile, he has amassed tens of thousands in medical bills and the family has set up a GoFundMe account.