Do you know what to do if you pull up to a train track?

According to local police, a lot of drivers don't, and it's costing some people their lives.

KTVB caught up with officers between Cole Road and Milwaukee Street in Boise who were warning drivers about the common mistakes they see at railroad crossings. Things like failing to stop at a train track, running through an active train crossing, and stopping on the tracks.

Event organizers say they hope today's enforcement mission will remind drivers how dangerous train tracks can be, and what you should do when you pull up to one.

"Whenever you come up to an intersection, and that is what a railroad is, turn your head and look both ways. Make sure there is nothing in your path and then proceed across," said Travis Campbell, state coordinator for Operation Lifesaver.

Police estimate they'll write about 60 railroad track-related citations today.

They say this enforcement mission has helped bring down railroad fatalities in Idaho.