Main Street and Broadway Avenue in Meridian is a corner that many walk and drive by every day, but soon it could look very different. There's a new plan that will bring the motto "Live, Work, and Play" to life.

"What we're proposing hasn't been done in downtown Meridian," said Josh Evarts with November Whiskey Properties. "Our Urban Renewal Agency was looking at potentially disposing of two properties that they own on the corner of Main and Broadway."

Now, the Treasure Valley Children's Theater, and Unbound Library, are on that corner.

"We got to dreaming about what it would look like to have a loft in downtown Meridian," said Evarts.

Over the next couple of years, Evarts is hoping his new plan - two four-story buildings - will take its place. On the first floor: retail space.

"The second floor of the building will be commercial space that will really be geared toward technology companies," said Evarts.

The third and fourth floors will be residential space.

"I feel like I am serving my community by taking on these projects," said Evarts. "It's really important to me to see the right kinds of development and bringing in the right kinds of retail and commercial businesses."

But what will happen to the two properties there now? Both the Children's Theater and the library will have to relocate. Evarts says he's been working with the organizations to make the transition seamless.

"These are assets for downtown Meridian," said Evarts.

Gretchen Caserotti with the Meridian Library District says when they signed the lease a year ago, they knew their future at this location was uncertain.

"If those plans go through we'll be thrilled," said Caserotti. "We envision that we will be able to apply this model to almost any space, so we designed it to be very portable. A big reason we are here is in support of economic development and downtown revitalization in Meridian."

It's that same development that Mayor Tammy de Weerd is hoping will bring more outside businesses downtown.

"That's always been the hope is that downtown would be a destination as it is the heart and soul of our community," said de Weerd.

Evarts says he submitted his plans last week, and will hear sometime next week if the agency will move forward with his plan.