It's been nearly five months since vandals defaced the Boise Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. Thanks to a generous donation, the memorial is fixed, but the effects of what happened were far reaching.

After seeing the vandalism, one New Meadows class looked to make a difference in their community.

Students in Ms. Devon's 7th grade class were reading the Diary of Anne Frank while studying the holocaust.

About two months into their lesson, the Anne Frank Memorial in Boise was vandalized.

"I didn't understand why, what was their purpose of it,” New Meadows student Raynee Bentz said.

The class decided that something needed to be done.

"We wanted to make something of our own to pay our respects,” New Meadows student Liliana Krigbaum said.

Those respects will be in the shape of two memorials commemorating Anne Frank and those who fought in World War II.

"We're just doing a natural rock with a cut and polished face engraved with an Anne Frank quote,” Krigbaum said.

The plan is to have the memorials placed outside the New Meadows school as well as inside the city park.

Tuesday night City Council approved the new memorial in a unanimous vote.

"They've learned about history and compassion and kindness and standing up against hate and discrimination and how city government works and how the school board works,” New Meadows teacher Devon Barker-Hicks said.

Students were able to get one of their memorials donated and are in the process of fundraising for the second one.

Anyone interested in donating can contact Ms. Devon at

Students hope those who visit the memorials can learn from them too.

"Learn more specifically about Anne Frank and what happened back then and just spread the word,” Bentz said.