BOISE -- Changes to the way Idaho residents make calls will start in less than one month.

Beginning Aug. 5, callers will have to dial in the entire 10-digit number of the person they are trying to reach, including the area code. The change comes as Idaho adds a second area code - 986 - for the first time, as 208 numbers begin to run out.

Those who already have a 208 area code will not get a new phone number. The 986 area codes will begin being issued to new users Sept. 5.

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After Aug. 5, Idahoans. who try to make a call without dialling an area code will reach a recording instructing them to hang up and try again. Residents are encouraged to update contacts saved in their cell phones ahead of the new requirement.

For more information on the area code change, visit the Idaho Public Utilities Commision website.