KUNA -- One of the best ways to learn is by doing. A new training facility for the Boise Police Department is designed to give officers hands-on experience necessary for a variety of situations.

Included in the new facility are places to train the officers' use of weapons and their responses to critical incidents. Cpl. Chris Davis says there is no way to simulate the stress of a real police situation where guns are drawn, but creating a stressful situation through competition is one of the next best things.

Davis said, "Believe it or not, one of the most stressful things is competition with another person. So we'll have two shooters and we'll say, 'OK, you have to put five rounds into, you know, a circle, and see who can do it the fastest.' "

Along with the firearms range, is a specially built training house. Instructors and students are able to observe trainings inside the structure with a bird's eye view by standing on a walkway over the building. The building can transform to simulate different floor plans of apartment buildings, office buildings and other facilities.

Davis says that after holding trainings at the old facility for about 60 or 70 years, it was time for a new site.

"We're pushing 300 officers plus and as the city expands, and everything like that, we're just going to be getting bigger and bigger and bigger. So we needed bigger facilities to be able to bring officers to train," Davis said.

Davis says the 120-acre property on Kuna-Mora road, between Cole and Pleasant Valley, could include a driving track in the future.