The Old Idaho Penitentiary participated in a new campaign called Museum Store Sunday.

It's part of national push to encourage people to shop at museum gift shops.

"To help the public engage in our site and to engage in local history and to bring a little bit of that home," said Jacey Brain, visitor services for the Old Idaho Penitentiary.

The Old Idaho Pen has a wide range of books on local history and haunting 'wanted' posters. They even have more unique pieces like the Outlaws baseball shirts and caps that carry the penitentiary's history.

"The Outlaws, which were the home baseball team of the state penitentiary," Brain said. "We also have plush animals that represent actual inmate pets that were here. Dennis the cat that lived here for 16 years and Champ the frog who was a bull frog who lived in one of the ponds here and ate sparrows, so the inmates gambled around him."

He said more and more museum gift shops are striving to be seen more as a small business in order to help support museum programs.

"Gift shop sales support everything from scholarships to exhibits and research to internships," Brain said. "It really helps the Idaho State Historical Society's [push] to further our educational mission."