There are still a lot of people sand bagging around their homes as the Boise River remains unpredictable. Some folks are not able to do it themselves - but neighbors are stepping in to help.

We caught up with Larry Bates and his friend Gary Pack on Alamosa Street in Boise near State and Collister. They were setting up another sump pump for homeowners there.

"They were lost," said Bates, who grew up in the neighborhood. "They just didn't know what to do."

Bates is referring to two homeowners in particular. Tim Breiding is in a wheelchair, and next door to him is Ruth Boyd who is on oxygen. They are both senior citizens.

"When this (flooding) happened we had to help," said Bates.

The water is in their yards and coming dangerously close to getting inside their homes.

"Fire officers have come saying you need to get ready to go," said Boyd.

Bates is helping to keep the water from getting too close. Many others are as well.

Boyd says friends, family, neighbors and nearby church members have all been working together to keep the water out of their homes.

"I just want to be sure the town knows the neighbors totally kept this thing together," said Boyd. "Thank you."