Today across the U.S. hundreds of businesses were closed and thousands of people chose to not go to work.

It's all a part of a nationwide protest against President Trump’s immigration policy. Supporters calling it "A Day Without Immigrants."

Supporters say it's all part of an effort to highlight the role immigrants play in our daily lives.

Nearly a hundred businesses from Sun Valley to Ontario, Oregon turned off their lights, locked their doors, and flipped the open sign to closed today. It's all part of a nationwide boycott.

"We as a nation have decided that we as a nation do not agree with his immigration stance," Raquel Reyes said.

Thousands across the country are protesting President Trump's tough stance on immigration by choosing not to attend work, not to open their businesses, send kids to school, or spend any money. Supporters want to show people the important role immigrants play on a daily basis.

"People have asked that, why? A day's not going to make a difference. Maybe it won't make a difference, but it will make a statement - we don't agree with your policies," Reyes said.

A grassroots effort that spread through social media that supporters say is bringing communities together for a common goal.

"Our community is trying to get together to make a stand on this anti-immigration," Gutierrez said.

Lupe Gutierrez and her husband closed both of their businesses today, a tax firm and construction company, after their employees brought forward the idea.

"For us losing money that's not important right now, the important thing is helping our community. We're standing together," Gutierrez said.

Some of the local businesses that took part in the boycott include Campos Market, all three Los Beto's restaurants in Boise, and Tacos El Rey in Caldwell. All are expected to be back open Friday.