A Nampa teenager is recovering after he was found severely beaten and stranded in a park.

Nampa police said they got a call from the victim’s mother a week ago Saturday night. She told police her 15-year-old son Jason had been beaten at the City Acres Park in Nampa.

When officers arrived, the teen was in bad shape. He was given medical attention and taken to the hospital.

Two 15-year-old boys are being charged with aggravated battery.

"No, this was not random, the individuals knew each other,” Sgt. Tim Riha said. “From what I understand, it may be over a small amount of money that this fight occurred. The sad part about this one is the severity of the crime."

The victim’s mother tells KTVB her son is recovering and healing well. She said her son did not suffer any brain damage, but he will have to undergo therapy for at least a year.

There is a GoFundMe page to help the family.

As for the suspects, they’ve been transported to the Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center.