CRAIGMONT, Idaho -- Two Canyon County men were hospitalized when their semi hit a huge piece of metal on the highway Wednesday evening.

According to Idaho State Police, the crash happened on US 95 near Craigmont at about 7:45 p.m.

A truck hauling ingots of lead was headed north when the driver braked to avoid a deer in the road. As the truck slowed, its load shifted, sending a 2,300-pound ingot spilling out onto the highway.

Nampa resident Samuel Tobias, 27, was driving south in a semi truck with a car-hauler trailer when he hit the ingot. The impact ripped the front axle off the semi, sending it skidding down the road. As the semi came to rest in the northbound lanes, it caught fire.

Police say as Tobias jumped out of the cab to get away from the flames, a pickup on top of his semi's car carrier fell off and landed on him.

Tobias was airlifted to Sacred Heart Medical Center with serious injuries.

A passenger in his truck, 56-year-old Mark Wisnefsky, was injured from the impact with the ingot. Wisnefsky was taken to St. Mary's in Cottonwood. His injuries were not as severe as those of the driver, police say.

The driver of the truck from which the ingot fell, 48-year-old Isreal Rodriguez of El Paso, stopped after the crash. He was cited for having an unsecured load.

The crash blocked US Highway 95 for more than seven hours.