A 12-year-old Nampa boy used a unique skill to help a neighbor in need. Trevin Edwards built a prosthetic finger for his neighbor, Daniel Haney, after Haney had an accident at work.

Haney is a mechanic. An engine smashed part of his finger, causing so much damage that he lost part of the finger.

When Trevin found out about the accident, he wanted to help. That's when he came up with the idea of building a prosthetic finger using metal piping and a wooden dowel.

"He was ecstatic. He loved it, and it was awesome." Trevin said. "It made me feel good. It feels like I actually made a difference in the world."

Haney says the gesture means a lot.

"I just never would have expected my finger would be more important to him than playing video games or worrying about his toys or things like that,” Haney said. “To me, it just showed how special of kid he is and how good he's been raised."

This isn't the first prosthetic Trevin built. He first built a prosthetic leg for a GI Joe. Each one takes him a about a day to create.