BOISE -- It's been a year since we brought you the story of the birth of the Weavers’ quadruplets. Three boys and a girl were born to at Boise couple - all at once!

Today is March 14, Pi Day - the quads' first birthday, and they celebrated in style!

You could say the Weavers have had a very busy year. Thousands of bottles, diapers and lots of love.

“In some ways it feels like it went really quick,” said Heather Weavers.

A year ago today, the Weavers quads - Lincoln, Yale, Sebastian and Hamilton came into the world.

These four babies are on the move!

“The early days when people would say how do you do four babies, I wish we could go back to those days when they weren't mobile, because it was so much easier,” said Heather. “But it is so much fun, so much fun. Their personalities are just so different, but so incredible, each of them.”

Over the weekend, the babies celebrated their Pi Day birthday with a pie smash!

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Heather Weavers is very busy chasing babies.

“I'm not going to say it's easy,” said Heather. “I have the most amazing husband, an incredible 13-year-old daughter who is so helpful with the babies, and four babies who are healthy.”

She also has something new on her plate. She started her own business. Pi Baby Boutique on Fairview Avenue in Boise.

It all happened because of the quads' Facebook page, which now has over 35,000 faithful followers.

“Some of the brands that we love for the babies, people were constantly asking about on our Facebook blog,” said Heather. “It started out by doing an online store, and then it slowly emerged into doing a physical location.

The grand opening of Pi Baby was today, and the babies were there for all the excitement.

This store is packed with organic and specialty baby products that the quads use.

“Cloth diapers was another big thing,” said Heather. “We cloth diapered all the babies and we were getting so many questions on where can we buy, what do you use?”
Heather partnered with Boise Cloth Diapers to help Treasure Valley moms who want to give it a try.

“There's nothing like this in Boise, there's no retail shop that you can walk into and have a selection of diapers,” said Heather. “These babies they just go through so many diapers. It's been a huge cost saver.”

This quad mom is busier than ever, and she says happier too.

“How do you manage all this? I mean how do you do this?” asked KTVB.

“If I do ever get overwhelmed, I usually can come right back to reality on how blessed I am,” said Heather. “We have a play area here so I can bring the babies with me.”

Right now this is the perfect fit for this working mom.

“You can have both. You can have the home life and just be so fulfilled at home, and you can also have your own career.