Ragina McKinnon has lived in the Boise Bench, near Brazil Street and Sunrise Rim, for the past two years.

It was at that intersection Monday where McKinnon found four syringes, one believed to still be loaded with drugs.

“I just happened to look down and there was four of them there, at first I was in shock,” says McKinnon.

McKinnon's first thought was to drive away but then stopped to pick them up and throw the needles away after thinking about all the kids who live in the neighborhood.

”Kids walk by right here just to get to and from school,” says McKinnon.

McKinnon added that one of the syringes appeared to have drugs in it.

”I think somebody ditched them, maybe running from the cops thinking they were being followed,” says McKinnon.

McKinnon shared the photos on Facebook and has been getting a lot of reaction.

Boise Police Capt. Ron Winegar says reports of syringes being found throughout Boise neighborhoods aren't uncommon.

“Over the past year we have had about 55 reports of people calling saying they found syringes or something related to that,” says Winegar.

Winegar says majority of the time, those syringes were used for shooting illegal drugs.

”When we do see syringes in a neighborhood on a street in a park, we're pretty confident it's not someone who is diabetic and has to inject themselves with insulin and then just left it,” says Winegar.

Winegar says syringes should be handled with gloves by an adult and thrown away in a container with a lid.

Boise Police will come out and dispose of them if necessary.