Ahead of Halloween, a cruel trick that certainly is no laughing matter for one local mom.

Michelle Verhaege thinks recent vandalism that caused thousands of dollars in damage to her Boise home may be the work of teen bullies from her son's school.

Tuesday night the Verhaege family says they woke up to a loud bang around midnight.

Terrified, Michelle and her elderly parents went outside to find black graffiti on the walls and garage that spelled out profanity along with her son's football position at Mountain View High School.

They say eggs were also thrown at the bedroom windows. The home is located in a neighborhood near Five Mile and Victory roads.

After filing a police report, Verhaege and Boise police suspect other teens may have caused the damage worth roughly $2,000. Police say any destruction over a grand is a felony.

The family says they are very involved in the community and Mountain View High School, and they are extending an invitation to the vandals.

“If the people responsible for this would like to reach out and talk to our family I would be more than willing to talk to them, and I would love for them to come help us fix this so it doesn’t have to escalate any further than it already has,” said Michelle Verhaege.

While there was no surveillance of the incident, Verhaege believes there’s a good chance social media will reveal who’s responsible.

The family originally shared photos of the damage on Facebook and says that post has been shared over 500 times, with neighbors claiming similar incidents have happened to them as well.

We asked Boise police about that. They say they are investigating this scenario as an individual act of vandalism as opposed to widespread vandalism in the community.