EAGLE -- Emergency crews were on scene Wednesday dealing with flooding at a mobile home park in Eagle.

Deputies and Eagle Fire were sent out to the Riviera Estates Mobile Home Park after high water from the Boise River began inundating the area. The mobile home park is on Artesian Road on Eagle Island State Park.

Water is several feet deep in some areas, coming up nearly to the front steps of several trailers. One resident told KTVB the flooding began overnight and began getting worse around 7 a.m.

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No one was being evacuated right now because people can still get in and out of the park, including emergency vehicles.

Officials say flooding is stable at this point, water hasn't gotten into any homes, but that doesn't mean neighbors aren't getting nervous.

Dan Gilbert was helping his parents move today. Their house is at the highest point in the park, so they aren't worried about water coming in, but this hasn't made the move any easier.

"We were over at their new place moving some furniture around, turned on KTVB.COM and saw all the flooding,” said Gilbert. “We ran over here to grab a few things and hopefully we can still get in here tomorrow because the movers are supposed to come here tomorrow."

Police, the Ada County Highway District and engineers continue to monitor this situation and try to mitigate flooding so it doesn't get any worse.

A lot of this water isn't coming from the Boise River, which is about a mile away. The water that has flooded this trailer park has come from the water table coming up due to saturation from all the flooding and rain, and an irrigation canal.

Some residents tell KTVB they're expecting to be out at least tonight, and possibly the next couple of days. Most plan to stay in hotels. Right now, evacuations are voluntary.

Power to the homes was being shut off Wednesday evening, Ada County dispatch said.

ACHD crews are on scene doing mitigation work and using sandbags to hold the water at bay.

The flooding come just one day after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers increased Boise River flows to 9,500 cfs for only the second time since the 1950s. By midday Wednesday, streamgage at the Glenwood Bridge was measured at 9,720 cfs and 11.67 feet - more than a foot above flood stage, according to the USGS.

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Ada County officials have previously warned people to stay away from the river and pay attention to flooding-related closures.

Ada County Sgt.: Be prepared for long-term effects of Eagle flooding