BOISE - A hero's sendoff was held Wednesday for a military working dog who served in the U.S. Army.

Sgt. First Class Taran was an explosive-detecting dog who retired to Boise after his service.

He recently died of cancer.

With his handler and trainer, retired Army Staff Sgt. John Mras, Taran served at Fort Knox and in Iraq, searching for ammunition and explosives.

The pair was separated for a while when Mras went into special forces training.

The Army tried to pair Taran with a different handler, but he wouldn't work with anyone except for the man who trained him.

So, the Army retired Taran and Mras got the chance to adopt him.

They lived together in Idaho for many years until Taran's death.

Mras says is was really important to him that his partner was honored with a military funeral.

"Our working dogs are service members just like us," he said. "They put in the same time and sacrifice that we do. We just felt it would have been inappropriate to do anything less for him. He deserves the same respect and honor that the rest of us do."