With just over a week until Thanksgiving, Micron employees did their part in helping solve hunger in Idaho.

Employees donated 912 turkeys and 324 hams to the Idaho Foobank today, continuing a 15-year tradition for Micron.

About 1 in 7 Idahoans struggle with hunger on a daily basis and today's donation helps with efforts to close that gap for the holidays.

“Every year the employees are given the opportunity to receive a turkey or a ham from the company, and if they choose not to take that they are allowed to donate that to the Idaho Foodbank,” said Idaho Foodbank President and CEO Karen Vauk, “So today we are receiving that very generous donations. It's going to allow us to provide over turkeys and ham to over 1,200 families in the local area.”

Over the years Micron employees have donated more than 23,000 turkeys and hams to Idaho families.