Members and leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered at the new Meridian temple Sunday morning.

They were there for the formal dedication and to see the final block of the temple cemented into place which is a tradition known as the corner stone ceremony.

"It is beautiful because it's a ceremony that will now dedicate it to the Lord and to make it a sacred place,” church member Susan Lamb said.

Planning for the Temple began back in April 2011. Construction wrapped this year and after the dedication, it can be used.

Over the last three weeks, the temple was open to the public for tours. Now that it's dedicated, not everyone is allowed in. To enter a temple, you must be a practicing member of the LDS church in good standing.

"It's where we come, as we like to say, to grow closer to our savior and to the heavenly Father to learn more about their plans for us,” spokeswoman Lonni Leavitt-Barker said. “It's a place for instruction where we can come and make sacred covenants and promises to do better."

Church members in the area are excited to have a temple close to where they live.

"It's something I can see from home at night,” Leavitt-Barker said. “You can see it lit up and to drive by and see this beautiful building and know that we can come here and find peace. It is a place that is a sanctuary from the world."

"Every temple that I've seen is sacred and special and beautiful," Lamb said. "This is beautiful because it's in my neighborhood. It's very exciting."

This is the fifth temple built in Idaho.