The Boise River running in the flood zone is having results that most of us would never think of, and we have a good example of that today.

Thanks to the curiosity of some of our viewers we can tell you about it.

The Boise Public Works Department has plugged up holes in some of the manhole covers around town.

Communications manager Colin Hickman says these are removable plugs and made from expandable foam.

So why are they here?

Hickman says holes are being covered in low-lying streets to prevent sewers being filled with additional water from flooding, which goes to the treatment facility.

This mechanism isn't new.

Hickman says these corks are used anytime there is a chance for more water to be on the ground.

“It is an effort that we can take up front to ensure that we are not caught off guard later, so the more work we can do up front to ensure along low-lying areas, we can start to prioritize those manhole covers, and to make sure ones with greatest potential to be under water are covered," Hickman said.

Hickman says this is an ongoing process and the city is continuing to asses which manholes need to be plugged, and this is a precautionary measure.