An Adams County man is counting his lucky stars after a series of car wrecks sent him plunging several feet off the Snake River Bridge and into the river.

Driving on this bridge is something Steven Arrasmith does all the time, without any problems. This time was different.

"A car came out of nowhere - he told the officers he was doing about 70," said Arrasmith.

What happened next would put him on the edge of life and death. That car that came out of nowhere, hit the back of his Jeep which was parked on the side of the interstate.

"It shot into the cement barrier, then it shot back into me throwing me over the bridge into the Snake River," said Arrasmith.

He plunged 50 feet before hitting the water.

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"The only thing I could think of was, 'OK I need to get out of here,'" said Arrasmith.

So he swam.

"My drive and desire was an hour away at that point, sitting at home with my stepmom, and that was my 7-month-old son," said Arrasmith.

Then he reached a small island.

"I just yelled for help, like, 'Hey help me I've got a broken leg!'" said Arrasmith.

It was a broken leg that he didn't even notice.

"I think that adrenaline kicked in and that's purely what is was," said Arrasmith. "I got into a shallow spot and I looked down at my leg, well the top part of my leg is moving but the lower part is just sitting there."

He says his feet were in the water for the next hour as he waited for rescue teams to reach him.

"The officer said when he came up to me and gave me the wool blanket my lips were blue and my face was blue," said Arrasmith.

From his hospital bed, he replays those moments on the bridge in his head over and over.

"I'm extremely lucky right now because I easily could've gotten pinned against the cement," said Arrasmith. "It could've easily killed me."

Arrasmith says his one message to drivers - especially as the temperatures drop - drive for the conditions. Arrasmith has had surgery on his leg and is expected to fully recover.