If you take public transit in Boise, your trip might soon get a little easier.

The final piece of the City Center project in downtown Boise -- Main Street Station -- is nearly complete.

There is an open house for the new facility from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. Thursday.

KTVB got a tour of the new transit center today to see why it's going to make your commute in and around Boise a little more convenient. Making everything from catching buses easier - to having a nice place to wait for the bus when the weather isn’t so nice.

"It's a beautiful facility, we have really an archaic downtown transit mall right now," said Valley Regional Transit spokesman Mark Carnopis.

It's a far cry from what most would think a bus station would look like.

"A lot of naysayers were like, 'oh it's going to be dark and creepy and everything else,' but [it's] well-lit, well painted,’" said Carnopis.

In addition to the lighting, there are murals and artwork all over the station.

"Before we started building this our buses were spread over a five-block area on the street," said Carnopis.

Bus transfers will become easier too. That includes people who often have to switch from one bus to another to reach their destination.

“Sometimes they have to walk two-and-a-half blocks to do that, so this allows for us to plan for growth,” said Carnopis. “It consolidates all of our bus routes so if you have to transfer there's eight buses staged down here, then five buses right outside the main entrance."

And besides the buses all being in one place, there’s also going to be other amenities that make taking Boise public transit more convenient like a bike locker, bike troughs and customer service right inside the building.

"It's just a shining example of public transportation," said Carnopis. "It's good, it's clean, it's efficient."

The Main Street Station is expected to open to the public on Monday, Oct. 24.