A terrible fire burned Wok King Chinese restaurant to the ground in 2014.

Today marked a new chapter for chefs and owners Yuen and Sonja Lau as they opened another restaurant in Meridian.

“Yellow tuna, white tail, octopus, we got tofu, shrimp over here,” Poke Bowl manager Alex Lau points out.

Wednesday was Alex Lau and his family's first day at work in the new restaurant, but certainly not their first time in the kitchen.

“We had Wok King, it was on Broadway and in November 2014 it burned down in the big fire. We were open in '86, so we ran it about 28 years,” said Alex Lau.

Not all was lost in the fire, some of the Chinese restaurant's most popular dishes can still be found on the new menu.

“Mongolian beef, the salt and peppered beef, we also brought back the wonton and hot and sour soup,” said Alex Lau.

But that’s not the focus, they wanted a more trendy menu for the new restaurant.

“We saw how popular poke bowls were, popping up all over California, they are spreading all over the United States, so we decided instead of waiting we would bring one to Boise,” said Alex Lau.

Poke is a native Hawaiian dish that consists of raw fish with sauce over rice, and at Poke Bowl, you build your own.

“My favorite sauce is the chili soy, I like the edamame to mix in and the seaweed salad is really good," said Alex Lau.

The Laus are hoping their old customers give the Poke Bowl a try, but are also eager to attract a new, trendy clientele.

“We're excited, we're very excited.”

Poke Bowl is located at  2970 N Eagle Rd, suite 101 in Meridian.