If you have been to the DMV this week and experienced a longer than usual wait time, you're not alone.

Officials say a server bug is to blame for unexpected long lines statewide.

ITD says they had a problem with their software in June that caused long delays and now a similar error occurred this Monday.

Some people who KTVB spoke with today at the DMV on Benjamin Lane in Boise left because they were so frustrated.

There is some good news, ITD says tech specialists have gotten to the root of the problem and business at the DMV should return to normal quickly.

“There is a lot of people here, it's going to be a really long wait we will come back another day and try again but it's kind of ridiculous,” said Theo Almerico.

ITD spokesman Jake Melder says he can't say how long wait times have been this week, but acknowledged the lines were unacceptable.

“We do have a goal of once you're at the counter that the interaction should take about seven minutes,” said Melder.

It’s gotten so bad, people line up well before the Benjamin Lane DMV even opens.

“Oh yeah, they had people sitting out on chairs out front before it was even open,” said Dan King.

King says he decided to come back at noon but the line wasn't much better.

“I waited 50 minutes, I had to show why I had to come down here, they needed a birth certificate so I could get my license and that seemed awful stupid you know,” said King.

Melder says the problem started when the department was updating DMV software and initially it just caused delays for customers getting a duplicate license.

"However, once it started in one area it all interconnected with driver services, and so we saw delays with duplicate licenses that caused a backlog in other areas, people getting new ones, renewing their licenses," said Melder. "We found the problem on Monday early, we tried fixes we thought were going to work Monday night, didn't quite solve everything, we kept working Tuesday and then Wednesday by about noon we think we were able to find the root cause of this issue and address it.”

Melder says he can't guarantee another sever error won’t happen again in the future but says for now, lines should be much shorter.

“We're continually making upgrades to that, that’s what initially caused that little backlog because we were making some upgrades and bugs happen,” said Melder.