SPOILER ALERT: The bottom of this story and the attached video include who advances after Monday's episode of "American Ninja Warrior."

It's the hit TV show you can watch on NBC -- "American Ninja Warrior."

Monday night, you may notice several familiar faces, that's because two of the contestants are from the Treasure Valley: Rhett Allen and Tammy McClure.

KTVB went to the gym where they train, Camp Rhino, to see some of the obstacles they face.

There is the iconic warped wall, the last obstacle contestants must overcome on the show. It stands14.5 feet tall.

“It's like a big playground, it's like grown-ups playing on playground equipment,” Rhett said.

It all started a couple of years ago with a birthday present from his wife for a ninja experience.

“When a ninja gym opened in town I was there, you know and kinda found every excuse to be here as much as I could,” Rhett said.

WATCH: Meet Rhett Allen - the Pastor Ninja

Rhett even teaches up-and-coming ninjas twice a week.

“It's kind of my excuse to get out and play on ninja stuff every week,” he said.

The best advice Rhett can give to any aspiring ninjas – learn how to do pull-ups.

“Being able to hold your own body weight up with just your hands is super important, and then the more you can do that the more explosive power you can kinda develop in your pull-ups,” Rhett said.

Some good advice from this real-life ninja. Rhett, for the first time this year, competed on NBC's hit show “American Ninja Warrior.”

“The whole thing is super surreal, you know. It's something you've watched on TV for years,” he said.

In order to compete, every year, you have to send in an application, including a 3-minute resume tape on why you should go and compete on the show.

“I talked about wanting to inspire kids,” Rhett said. “I work with kids when I'm not at the gym teaching ninja classes, I'm a children's ministry pastor. I talked about just wanting kids to have good role models and be able to do things in life that are hard.”

WATCH: Meet Tammy McClure - the Wine Warrior

She is nicknamed the Wine Warrior. Tammy McClure, owner of Indian Creek Winery in Kuna, has competed on “American Ninja Warrior” for three years.

“My first season I went to Kansas City and I was so nervous, and when you're nervous you don't relax so it's easy to tighten up and not compete as well as you want, but honestly I did really well,” Tammy said.

Now, this seasoned veteran trains four to five days a week, even while she's at work.

“Just kind of farm girl stuff, you know, working out in the field and picking really heavy rocks and, we call it, Donkey Konging, throwing wine barrels around,” she said.

Even turning her park down the road into her own ninja warrior course.

“Swinging around on monkey bars; that type of stuff,” Tammy said.

Tammy says she didn't even learn about the show until her friends told her about it.

“I didn't own a TV for a long time,” she said.

But, the combination between doing track in college and rock climbing in her spare time, she felt she would be a good fit.

“I thought the combination of lower body plus the upper body strength would be good for “American Ninja Warrior.”

SPOILER ALERT: Who's advancing after Monday's show?

McClure shone on the obstacle course. She made it through five obstacles before ultimately stalling out at the "rail runner" - but her performance still moved her through to the semifinals.

Per the rules, the top five female competitors move on to the next stage-- but McClure was also in the top 30 among all competitors, both men and women.

So, you will get the chance to cheer on the Wine Warrior once again.

But for Allen, his "Ninja Warrior" adventure ended Monday. He will not move on to the semifinal.