True crime and unsolved mysteries have inspired countless books, movies and podcasts.

Now two local true crime fans are turning their interest in the material into a way to hopefully find some answers by creating the podcast “Thin Air.”

Jordan Sims and Daniel Calderon are the creators and hosts of “Thin Air,” which is produced in Boise. They tell the stories of unsolved missing persons cases from all over the world including a local case: the 1977 disappearance of Marie Ann Watson who was last seen in Emmett.

"We focus on cold cases,” Sims said. “Cases that maybe haven't been looked at in a long time just to generate new interest maybe…helping someone to remember something."

The biggest goal is giving a voice to the missing people in hopes their cases can be solved.

“Especially in older cases. I mean the news cycle ends and…the person is still gone,” Sims said. “I would love to see a case solved. That would just be amazing to know that in some way we contributed to solving a case."

None of the cases featured on “Thin Air” have been solved yet, but the podcast has still been incredibly successful in its two seasons. Since it started in January of 2016, the podcast has been downloaded more than one million times.

"We didn't really have a great idea of where we wanted to go you know? I think we were just like let's try it and see if it works," Sims said.

At first Sims and Calderon worked on the podcast in their spare time from home. Now, they have more than a million downloads, have been picked up by an ad agency and have become a business. The long-time true crime fans said their success comes through trial and error.

"Completely self-taught,” Calderon explained. “We both went to school for English education. Not audio engineering, not journalism, not editing, like all of it was new."

"As long as you stay at it, it can really become something you love and you are really proud of," Sims said.

"If you have an idea, just try it,” Calderon said. “Like you never know what idea is going to be the one that you know propels you into a place you didn't expect to be."